Student Safety Discipline & Bullying


Student Safety Discipline & Bullying

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Act 1029 Training for Board Members


Act 1029 of 2019 mandates that all school staff and board members in Arkansas have training in student safety, discipline, and bullying. School staff who work directly with students are required to have more in-depth training while board training is meant to provide members an overview of the requirements of the Act, an awareness of its purpose, and a look at what they need to know about to have a better understanding of any actions of the administration and staff take in regard to discipline and bullying.

For board members in districts that adopted ASBA Model Policy 1.11, all board members elected before 2019 should receive this training by December 31 of 2020. Board members elected during and after 2019 should receive it as part of their initial nine hours. It is only required one time during a member’s tenure.

The training is for one hour of credit and the cost is $40 per person.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Anne Butcher at