Regional Meetings

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Regional Meetings

Arkansas School Boards Association is hosting 14 regional meetings beginning September 29, 2020.  Because the Arkansas Legislature is set to meet beginning in January, these regional meetings will focus on the items or issues that are likely to arise during the session.

These meetings will be virtual, (using Zoom) and completed in two parts for which your board members can earn up to 3 hours of credit for participating.  Part 1 (1 hour) will be a meeting of your own district board (prior to the regional Zoom meeting) in which you will be asked to generate topics of concern and interest for the upcoming legislative session.  Your superintendent and board president will be sent materials and instructions (with question prompts) for those things we’d like to hear from you about.  After you meet locally or in some manner provide input (be sure to do it safely!), your superintendent will forward all of your district’s input back to ASBA along with a list of those who participated.  Part 2 will be the actual regional meeting (2 hours). During this meeting, an ASBA staff member will share with the entire group the outcome of individual district input for your region and invite discussion from attendees.

There may also be time to discuss statewide current and relevant topics outside of the legislative process.  We will update your agenda as time progresses.

Use the links below for registration information.