Four-Corner Conferences Registration is Open

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Four-Corner Conferences Registration is Open

Get a jump-start on earning your 2017 boardsmanship hours! Attend one of the Arkansas School Boards Association’s Regional Four-Corner Conferences, each held in one of the four corners of our state:

When it comes to student learning, school boards sometimes fail to appreciate the influence they wield over student achievement in their communities.

Although a board’s effect on student achievement is indirect, in districts where boards actively focus on student achievement, evidence shows that student outcomes are notable greater. The differences between low and high achieving districts are apparent regardless of factors, such as socioeconomic status, which we traditionally think of as influencing student outcomes.

Attend one of ASBA's regional winter conferences and learn more about the specific board behaviors that are linked to student achievement. Once you discover what these are, we believe that you and your fellow board members will become better Leaders of Learning for your district.

Each training runs from 5:30-8:30 p.m. and participants will receive three (3) ASBA boardsmanship training hours of credit.  The registration fee is $50 and includes an evening meal.

To register, please click the link to your preferred location mentioned above.