FMLA Workshops held at ASBA

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FMLA Workshops held at ASBA

Do you and your district employees responsible for the hands-on management and administration for absences, disability and FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) really understand the intricacies and requirements of the laws that apply? Do you/they have the skills and knowledge needed to keep from misinterpreting or unintentionally not comply with the law?

Missy Duke and Kristen Garner 

Attorneys Missy Duke and Kristen Garner

Once again, ASBA staff attorney Kristen Garner will team up with Missy Duke, attorney with Cross Gunter Witherspoon and Galchus, for intensive instruction on the Family and Medical Leave Act for school district superintendents and other central office staff who handle this issue daily.

Each two-day workshop  will be held in the ASBA training room at 523 South Ringo Street in Little Rock.

  • Day One: Attendees will receive a comprehensive overview of the law, cover the duties and responsibilities of the employer, and the rights of the employee of FMLA. There will be a strong emphasis on the interplay with sick or other leave, leave taken for childbirth and child bonding, and the employee’s right to job restoration.
  • Day Two: The second day will take up where day one left off and go in-depth with form completion, timelines, health insurance during FMLA, administrative responses, and real-world practice scenarios.

The workshops will begin at 10 a.m. and dismiss at 1 p.m. No meals are included. Each class is limited to only 20 students and registrants must attend both days. Click on the one of the dates below to register and for more information:

July 16-17, 2019July 18-19, 2019August 6-7, 2019August 20-21, 2019September 24-25, 2019