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December 6-8, 2017: ASBA Annual Conference

Please visit the 2017 ASBA Annual Conference webpage to view presentations and materials from the conference.

October 17, 2017: New Board Member Institute

School Board Basics for New Board Members

Local School Board: A Foundation for Success
Sandra Porter, President, ASBA and Board Member, Bryant School District

FOI: Open Meeting Law and Executive Session
ETHICS: An Introduction to Statutory Ethics for School Board Members
Kristen Garner, ASBA Staff Attorney

The Arkansas School Board Member: Fiscal Operations & The Annual Audit
•    Fiscal Operations (1 of 3)
•    Fiscal Distress (2 of 3)
•    Annual Audit (3 of 3)
Dr. Mike Hernandez, State Superintendent for Coordinated Support Services, ADE

July 16-18 2017: Southern Region Leadership Conference

Arkansas/Mississippi Early Bird Session

Effective District Management Requires a Strong LEG: Leadership, Ethics, and Governance, Miranda Beard, Immediate Past President, NSBA and Board Member, Laurel Municipal School District, MS.

Concurrent Sessions

Board Behaviors Guaranteed to Lower Test Scores, Dr. David E. Lee.

Creating and Sustaining Collaborative School Board and Community Relations, Blaine Alexander

Everything You Never Thought You Needed to Know, Jay Bequette, ASBA general counsel, and Cody Kees, staff attorney, with Bequette & Billingsley P.A.

Governing Differently: Lessons from Districts with High Student Achievement, Dr. Ivan Lorentzen, retired professor of psychology at Flathead Community College in Montana

Leadership, Advocacy, and the Power of You, Jerry Don Woods, past president of the Arkansas School Boards Association

School Boards and Student Outcomes, Chuck Poer, vice president of education services, Bailey Education Group

Substitute Shortage or Attendance Issue: Do You Know Your Data? Henry Bledsoe, president/CEO, and Fredericka Hayes, human resources/compliance officer, Professional Educational Services Group

Closing General Session

Mississippi - Going Viral The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, MSBA Executive Director, and Alexis Cole, MSBA Marketing and Social Media Manager

Arkansas - A Realistic View of Future Board Elections and Legislative Sessions in Arkansas, Dr. Tony Prothro, ASBA Executive Director


May 9, 2017: ASBA/AAEA Joint Leadership Conference

2017 Legislative Session Highlights and Implications
Dr. Richard Abernathy, AAEA Executive Director
Dr. Tony Prothro, ASBA Executive Director

R.I.S.E. Arkansas: Promoting a Positive Reading Culture in Arkansas
Donna Ziller, ADE Special Advisor

School Facilities Update
Brad Montgomery, DPSAFT Director

What's New in Election Campaigns: Legislative Changes and Their Implications
Boyce Watkins, ASBA Advocacy Director

Lessons from the Trenches: Advice from Millage Veterans

Accountability Updates: Implications for Your District's Policy and Practice
Dr. Mark Gotcher, ADE Deputy Director
Dr. Ivy Pfeffer, ADE Assistant Commissioner of Educator Effectiveness & Licensure
Tina Smith, ADE Director of Special Projects

January 17, 2017: ASBA School Law Seminar

First Amendment in Schools
Cody Kees, Attorney at Law, Bequette & Billingsley, P.A.   

Overtime Overhaul: What You Need to Know About Exempt and Non-Exempt Status and Other Wage and Hour Pitfalls 
Missy Duke, Attorney at Law, Cross, Gunter, Witherspoon & Galchus, P.C

Startup Lessons: Hiccups and Legal Quirks in Forming the New Jacksonville School District
Scott Richardson, Attorney at Law, McDaniel, Richardson & Calhoun

A Practical Guide to Providing Legally Compliant Employee and Student Hearings
Jay Bequette, Attorney at Law, Bequette & Billingsley, P.A.

Undocumented Students and Undocumented Parents: Legal Issues and Planning Strategically
Kristen Craig Garner, Staff Attorney, Arkansas School Boards Association

December 7-9, 2016: ASBA Annual Conference

Please visit the 2016 ASBA Annual Conference webpage to view presentations and materials from that event.

June 16-17, 2016: ASBA Summer Leadership Institute

Peak Performance University: 9 Essential Skills of the Workplace
David Rolland, Pangburn High School Principal, and Pangburn High School Teachers & Students

Time Serving Students Instead of Students Serving Time
Crystal Marquez & Roxanne Enix, Pea Ridge School District Directors

Mars and Venus: Teaching to Boys and Girl
Terri McCann, West Memphis Elementary Principal, and Bragg Elementary Teachers & Staff

A+ in Action
Sheila Whitlow, White County Central School District Superintendent; Beverly Froud, WCC Elementary Principal; and WCC Elementary Teachers and Students

April 28, 2016: ASBA/AAEA Joint Leadership Conference

2016 Fiscal Session Highlights, Dr. Richard Abernathy, AAEA Executive Director, and Dr. Tony Prothro, ASBA Executive Director

ESSA: What We Know & Don’t Know About the New Federal Legislation, Johnny Key, Education Commissioner

Looking Ahead: Planning Now and Taking Actions for Slimmer Financial Times, Robyn Keene, AAEA Financial Consultant

Facilities Update

Emerging Opportunities for Advancing Leadership

Hot Topic: Arkansas Schools of Innovation, Dr. Denise Airola, OIE Director

Schools of Innovation Continued:  Real Success Stories from the Trenches

Dec. 9-11, 2015: ASBA Annual Conference

Please visit the 2015 ASBA Annual Conference webpage to view presentations and materials from that event.

June 18-19, 2015: ASBA Summer Leadership Institute

Early Bird Workshop – Social Media: Friend or Foe, Jay Bequette and Jennifer George

Conversion Charters: What Are They and How Do I Get One?

NSLA: Increasing the Opportunities/Decreasing the Achievement Gap, Sylvia Moore

Reshaping Young Lives with Dyslexia Intervention, Dale Query

Extending Opportunities Beyond the Standard HS Diploma

If you have questions regarding previous conferences or workshops, please contact Dr. Anne Butcher, Board Development Director.