2017 Annual Conference

Below are links to conference presentation materials, which were submitted, for the 2016 ASBA Annual Conference. Click on the plus or minus signs (+ or -) to expand or close the boxes below. Links are posted in BLUE.

Wednesday Morning Workshops

Boards in the Crosshairs 
Dr. David E. Lee, Associate Professor, Educational Administration, University of Southern Mississippi

New School Board Member Boot Camp (Part I): Ethics, Board Meetings, and the Role of a School Board Member:
•  Section 1
•  Section 2
•  Section 3
Kristen Garner, Staff Attorney, Arkansas School Boards Association

The Power of Good Relationships: Teamwork and Leadership Strategies for Board-Superintendent Teams
Jamie Stacks, Superintendent, Wonderview School District

What Can We Say? An Examination of Freedom of Speech and Expression in Our Schools
Jay Bequette, ASBA General Counsel, Bequette & Billingsley P.A.
Cody Kees, Staff Attorney, Bequette & Billingsley P.A.

Wednesday Breakout Sessions

Board Behaviors Guaranteed to Lower Test Scores
Dr. David E. Lee, Associate Professor, Educational Administration, University of Southern Mississippi

Conducting an Effective Administrator/Superintendent Search for Your District
Dr. Kieth Williams, Lead Consultant, McPherson & Jacobson

Financing Capitol Projects: What You Need to Know
Jason Holscalw, Senior Vice President, Stephens
Jack Truemper, Senior Vice President, Stephens

New Board Member Boot Camp (Part II): The Fundamentals of Finance & Budgeting for School Board Members
Jeff Stubblefield, Superintendent, Charleston School District

So You Have a Building Project: From Vision to Victory
Bobby Gosser, President, Central Arkansas Division, Baldwin & Shell Construction Company
John McMorran, Architect and Principal Designer, Lewis Architects
Chuck Stein, Owner, CSTEIN LLC

Thursday Breakout Sessions

Big City Robotics in Small Town Arkansas
John Parrish, Superintendent, Booneville School District

Board Members Most Frequently Asked Financial Questions: We’ve Got Answers!
Scott Beardsley, Senior Vice President, First Security Beardsley

Bridging the Gap between Student Needs and Local Resources
Jill Czanstkowski, Bridges Facilitator, Mountain Home School District
Dr. Jake Long, Superintendent, Mountain Home School District
Jason Schmeski, Board Member, Mountain Home School District

Computer Science Education in Arkansas: #ARKidsCanCode & #CSforAR
Anthony Owen, State Director of Computer Science, Arkansas Department of Education

Court-Involved Youth and Schools 
Jason Lawrence, Principal, Conway School District
Diane Robinson, School Board Member, Conway School District, and Director of the Office of Research and Justice,
Administrative Office of the Courts
Faye Shepherd, Chief of Staff, 20th Judicial District Division 2

Cracking the Branding Code for Your District
Melissa Gipson, Superintendent, Bald Knob School District
Lauren Goins, Public relations Specialist, Sheridan School District
Dr. Tad Margolis, Board Vice President, Valley View School District
Liz Massey, Public Relations Specialist, Cabot School District
Roger Rich, Superintendent, Batesville Southside School District
Andrew Tolbert, Retired State Superintendent, Arkansas Department of Education
Dr. Kieth Williams, Associate Professor, Harding University

Developing a Culture of Innovation in Your School
Chris Nail, Superintendent, Rose Bud School District

Every Voice Matters
Matt Sewall, Principal, High School Principal, Vilonia School District
Ronnie Simmons, Freshman Academy Principal, Vilonia School District

Future-Focused Curriculum and Instructional Practices
Dr. Bill Daggett, Founder/Chairman, International Center for Leadership in Education

Getting Back to Our Roots – Healthy Kids
Drew Cole, Activities Director, Van Buren School District
Dr. Harold Jeffcoat, Superintendent, Van Buren School District

Have a Heart! HeartBridge for a Focus on the Whole Child
Clint Henslee, ALE Director, Mulberry School District
Jeff Marvin, School Board President, Mulberry Public Schools
Lonnie Myers, Superintendent, Mulberry Public School District
Lailie Townshend, Student, Mulberry School District

Healthier Today - Higher Achievement Tomorrow
Healthier Today Handout
Dr. Kathy Pillow-Price, Director of Arkansas Home Visiting Network, Arkansas Children’s Hospital and School Board Member, Beebe School District
Anna Strong, Executive Director of Child Advocacy and Public Health, Arkansas Children’s Hospital

How to Make a Dyslexia Program Work for Your District
Taylor Doan, District Dyslexia Specialist, Bryant School District

Ignite Them! Engaging All Students through Professional Career Studies
Dr. Debbie Jones, Superintendent, Bentonville School District
Brent Leas, School Board Member, Bentonville School District
Rebecca Powers, School Board Member, Bentonville School District
Travis Riggs, Board President, Bentonville School District

Is Your District Successful? Do You Have Proof?
Dr. Robert Maranto, Board Member, Fayetteville School District, and Endowed Chair in Leadership, University of Arkansas
Dr. Sarah McKenzie, Executive Director, Office for Education Policy
Dr. Gary Ritter, Endowed Chair in Education Policy, University of Arkansas

It's Time to REMIX Your School
Dexter Miller, Digital Support Specialist, Team Digital
Gerard Newsom, Digital Support Specialist, Team Digital

Learning to Serve; Serving to Learn
Sandra Provence, Board President, Jackson County School District

Library Transformation: Becoming a STEM Research Hub
Chelsey Turner, Media Specialist, El Dorado School District
Jody Vines, Middle School Principal, El Dorado School District

Providing Critical Support for Novice Teachers
Stephanie Fussell, Teacher Leader, El Dorado School District
Caitlin Noble, Teacher Leader, El Dorado School District
Melissa Powell, Director of Human Resources, El Dorado School District
Sheri Rankin, Teacher Leader, El Dorado School District

Senior Project: Culmination of the K-12 Student’s Education
Barbie Eubanks, Library Media Specialist, Drew Central School District
Stephanie Eubanks, GT/Math Teacher, Drew Central School District
Lee Ann James, Physical Science/Chemistry teacher, Drew Central School District
Melissia Vincent, High School Principal, Drew Central School District

Staying Out of Litigation: How Prudent Stewardship and Leadership Can Keep Your District Clear of Trouble
Bill Birch, Senior Vice President/Risk Consultant, Bancorp South

Strategic Ways to Save Money in Your District Using Cooperative Purchasing
Gene Hawk, Arkansas Representative, TIPS USA
David Mabe, Vice President of Construction, TIPS USA
Mickey McFatridge, Southeast US Program Manager, TIPS USA

Student Voice Putting Students in Charge of Their Own Learning
Dr. Kathy Morledge, Assistant Superintendent, Springdale School District
Dr. Megan Slocum, Associate Superintendent, Springdale School District
Dr. Marcia Smith, Assistant Superintendent, Springdale School District

Student-Driven Real World Technology Application and Partnerships
Jennifer Barbaree, Superintendent, Armorel School District
Alicia Bell, EAST Facilitator, Armorel School District
Seth Follmer, Student, Armorel High School
Abigail Kennedy, Student, Armorel High School

Student-Focused Education: How PLCs, RTI, and Innovative Scheduling Help Meet the Needs of All Students
Tammi Davis, Assistant Superintendent, Huntsville School District
Chip Greenwell, Principal/Innovation Director, Huntsville School District
Clint Jones, Superintendent, Huntsville School District

Tell Your Story
Dr. Debbie Jones, Superintendent, Bentonville School District
Joe Quinn, Board Member, Bentonville School District
Eric White, Board Vice President, Bentonville School District

The Hope Academy of Public Service: Providing Service to Kids, Parents, and Community
Willie Buck, School Board President, Hope School District
Dr. Carol Ann Duke, Principal, Hope Academy of Public Service
Bobby Hart, Superintendent, Hope Public Schools
Linda Haynes, School Board Member, Hope School District
Josclyn Wiley, Middle School Principal, Hope School District

The Strategic Planning Process: Roadmap for Growing Student Achievement
Sandra Porter, Board Member, Bryant School District
Devin Sherrill, Communications Director, Bryant School District
Dr. Karen Walters, Superintendent, Bryant School District

The WHY of PLCs (Professional Learning Communities)
Mandy Barrett, Elementary Principal, Gravette School District
Sharla Heltzel, Assistant Superintendent, Gravette School District