2016 ASBA Annual Conference

Below are links to conference presentation materials, which were submitted, for the 2016 ASBA Annual Conference. Click on the plus or minus signs (+ or -) to expand or close the boxes below. Links are posted in BLUE.

Wednesday Morning Workshops

Coming to Order – Your Guide to Painless, Legal & Orderly School Board Meetings
Jeremy Lasiter, Director of Human Resources & Legal Affairs, Bryant School District

Everything You Never Thought You Needed To Know
Jay Bequette, ASBA General Counsel, Bequette & Billingsley P.A.
Cody Kees, Staff Attorney, Bequette & Billingsley P.A.

Social Media: Benefit or Burden?
Kimberly Friedman, Director of Communications, Arkansas Department of Education
Lucas Harder, Policy Services Director, Arkansas School Boards Association
Eric James, Chief Educational Investigator, Arkansas Department of Education

Understanding the Essentials of Arkansas School District Funding and Budgeting
Scott Spainhour, Superintendent, Greenbrier School District

Wednesday Breakout Sessions

Conducting the Administrator/Superintendent Search Process
Dr. Kieth Williams, Arkansas Lead Consultant, McPherson & Jacobson

Financing Capitol Projects: Strategies to Make Your District’s Project a Reality
Jason Holtzclaw, Vice President, Stephens Inc.
Jack Truemper, Senior Vice President, Stephens Inc.

Thursday Breakout Sessions

ACT Aspire Results: Beyond the Numbers
Jeannie Strother, Literacy Chair, El Dorado School District

Building a College & Career Going Culture
Bonnie Haynie, Federal Programs & Special Projects Coordinator, El Dorado School District
Sylvia Thompson, El Dorado Promise Director, El Dorado School District
Greg Crew, College & Career Coach, El Dorado School District

Doing Education Differently: A Project-Based Learning Approach
Dr. Lance Arbuckle, Principal, Rogers New Technology High School

Economics -The Link that Makes Real World Learning Complete
Sue Owens, Executive Director, Economics Arkansas
Marsha Masters, Associate Director, Economics Arkansas

Innovation Integration
Dr. Jim Rollins, Superintendent, Springdale School District
Dr. Megan Slocum, Associate Superintendent, Springdale School District

Meeting Physical and Mental Health Needs of our Students on Campus
Susan Kennedy, School-Based Health Center Coordinator, Bryant School District

Powerful Supports for Teachers that Impact Student Learning
Tom Simmons, District Math Chair, El Dorado School District
Melissa Powell, Personnel Director, El Dorado School District
Alyssa Folk, Teacher Leaders, El Dorado School District

Rethinking Alternative Education: Turning Our At-Risk Population into Successful Academic Students and Contributing Members of the School and Community
Mark Curry, School Board Member, Lake Hamilton School District
Steve Anderson, Superintendent, Lake Hamilton School District
Jodi Chalmers, Director of New Horizons Alternative Education Environment, Lake Hamilton School District

School Bond Issues: A Success Story for Students
Dr. Mike Hernandez, Superintendent, Hot Springs School District

Strengthening Your District’s Governance Team through Strategic Planning
Jason Schmeski, School Board President, Mountain Home School District
Neal Pendergrass, School Board Vice President, Mountain Home School District
Dr. Jake Long, Superintendent, Mountain Home School District

Team Digital - Is Your School Ready for a Remix
Cathi Swan, State Coordinator of Digital Learning

The Whole Child: High Quality School-Based Mental Health & Health Services Programming
Dr. Betsy Kindall, School-Based Mental Health Coordinator, Arkansas Department of Education

Vision for Excellence in Education and the Arkansas Accountability System (ESSA) 
Johnny Key, Commissioner, Arkansas Department of Education
Dr. Mark Gotcher, Deputy Commissioner, Arkansas Department of Education
Tina Smith, Special Projects, Arkansas Department of Education

When Money is Tight: Avoiding Declining Balances & Dodging Fiscal Distress
Andrew Tolbert, State Superintendent, Office of Intensive Support, Arkansas Department of Education
Jeff Martello, Director of Fiscal Services, Office of Intensive Support, Arkansas Department of Education